Replacing a missing tooth gives you several options. One that you might want to consider is getting removable bridges. This is a bridge that you can easily remove at night, or whenever you want to. This makes cleaning easy and still gives you a great smile when wearing it.

Fixed Bridges vs. Removable Bridges

A fixed bridge is one that is permanently put into your mouth. It usually consists of two crowns with a pontic, or false tooth, in between. They are cemented together so that the two outside teeth support the false tooth over the place where the missing tooth is located. This fixture is not removable.

A removable bridge is one that is not permanently attached to your existing teeth. It can be taken out of your mouth any time you want. It is built on a metal frame that has the missing false teeth attached to it, and the frame attaches to your existing teeth. In some cases, a crown may be put in to keep the bridge in place.

The Appearance

When a bridge is in place, people cannot tell that you are wearing it. The artificial teeth (or tooth) on the bridge are made to match the color of your own teeth, and the base of it is pink, to match the inside of your mouth. They will also match your bite. This gives it a very natural appearance which will improve your smile – and confidence.

The Process

In order to get a proper fit for a removable bridge, it will be necessary to visit the dentist a few times. In the first step, a mold will be made of your teeth and your bite. The mold is then sent to a lab to create the bridge. It is then made to custom-fit your mouth and teeth.

The Fitting Process

After the bridge is made, you will go to the dentist’s office to have it put in. You can expect that some adjustments may need to be made later. The dentist will likely have you wear it for a period of time, which will enable them to know where adjustments are needed. This may require a couple of visits to get it perfect and comfortable.

A bridge may take a little time getting used to it. It may affect your speech some, but a little practice will help you pronounce words correctly. You may also need to get accustomed to eating, too, but starting with softer foods, and trying to chew on both sides at the same time will help you get used to them faster.

Removable for Cleaning

The fact that it is removable enables it to be cleaned easier. The bridge will need to be cleaned each night to ensure that no food or bacteria are trapped on it.

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