T. B. (Verified Patient) Aug 30, 2019 5

They are excellent and very welcoming!!! They are excellent!! They make you feel comfortable every time and make the experience better. I highly recommend them because they always answer my questions and are very thorough which is great!!!

 G. M. (Verified Patient) Aug 19, 2019 5

Every one were very nice including the doctor


A. V. (Verified Patient) Aug 15, 2019 5

It was really nice service. The Dr and the staff are really professional. It was very nice experiencia like dentist!!!


A. C. (Verified Patient) Aug 14, 2019 5

The Doctor and his work team are very professional and treats you with respect and consideration


S. H. (Verified Patient) Jun 24, 2019 5



A. L. (Verified Patient) Jun 21, 2019 5

Amazing Smile is just that……Amazing!! The staff is always friendly and professional and Dr. Abayev does GREAT work. This office makes a visit to the Dentist a tolerable dare I say almost enjoyable experiance.


N. A. (Verified Patient) Jun 20, 2019 5

An excellent service an the staff very friendly and helpful,I will definitely continue going back. Also a will recommend you services to my family and friends. Thanks for everything. Sincerely:Norma Aviles


O. W. (Verified Patient) May 30, 2019 5

Great staff. Tina is awesome.


A. S. (Verified Patient) May 23, 2019 5

The dental hygienist was very friendly and Dr. Abayev was very nice and had gentle hands.


T. S. (Verified Patient) May 15, 2019 5

Staff is super friendly!


N. A. (Verified Patient) May 13, 2019 5

I am very happy with my doctor.I did a right choice to went to his office.Doctor Abaev very knowledgeable and gentle doctor.


L. B. (Verified Patient) May 10, 2019 5

Professional service I will recommend.


W. N. (Verified Patient) May 08, 2019 5

WONDERFUL place Clean place great people.. the Doctor friendly and funny make me smile after getting my teeth clean.. keep up the great work. BLESSING


J. M. (Verified Patient) May 06, 2019 5

I love how the dentist n staft was great thanks for ur good service i appreciate it well done


N. P. (Verified Patient) May 02, 2019 5

Doctor his good


A. G. (Verified Patient) May 01, 2019 5

She’s very professional very sweet and I would like to hear her one more time ,she make fills different comfortable.


T. L. (Verified Patient) Apr 12, 2019 5

Was very pleased to learn before the originally planned surgeries that I still had Options, and hearing those options and discussing the self-benefits with the surgeon, i was able to choose the safest and best functional decisions about the care and maintenance of my final dental surgery. Thank you, I am feeling better already.


E. M. (Verified Patient) Apr 01, 2019 5

Professional & hospitable. Thank you for a great and swift experience.


M. B. (Verified Patient) Mar 18, 2019 5

Super nice dentist, very helpful, respectful, and the clean-up was painless. I have more motivation to go to the dentist now.


S. A. (Verified Patient) Mar 15, 2019 5



W. G. (Verified Patient) Mar 13, 2019 5

My appointment was 11:30am … I was taken care of and out of the office in less than an hour 😃


L. M. (Verified Patient) Mar 08, 2019 5

Very professional and friendly


M. R. (Verified Patient) Feb 25, 2019 5

Im so hapoy you guys are great ill be back my family to you tks it was awesomeness


E. M. (Verified Patient) Feb 13, 2019 5

Dr. Abayev is a great dentist who make my visits comfortable and stress-free. Entire experience was painless. The dental work that he had done was of the highest standards. I would definitely recommend Dr.Abayev to everyone who seeks a great dentist.


L. L. (Verified Patient) Feb 13, 2019 5

This is my second visit and once again I’m very happy . The receptionist are always friendly and helpful . The dentist was always professional and talked me through each step of the procedure. The office is always clean as well . I would definitely recommend this dentist to others .


S. N. (Verified Patient) Feb 08, 2019 5

They are friendly and understanding of your needs


P. L. (Verified Patient) Feb 08, 2019 5

Fast and friendly service.


S. M. (Verified Patient) Jan 30, 2019 5

Very nice service great doctor professional


K. D. (Verified Patient) Jan 30, 2019 5

Amazing work Thank you very much


T. L. (Verified Patient) Jan 23, 2019 5

Very unusual problem with an implant procedure which resulted in less than 18 hours of pain of any kind. Did not require any type of pain killers. Very professional and empathetic Doctor and Staff. Very concerned about Any Complaints. Terence O’Leary


J. L. (Verified Patient) Dec 14, 2018 5

Very professional! Had a very good experience! Thank you, Julie


A. D. (Verified Patient) Dec 07, 2018 5

I good visit and a good overall experience with Amazing Smile. Still waiting for a call back though.


N. A. (Verified Patient) Dec 03, 2018 5

staff it’s so pleasant ,cleanness #1and the service is wonderful. I highly recommended them. Thanks for an excellent service and so happy 😁


K. A. (Verified Patient) Dec 01, 2018 5

Excellent service whole staff is very Smile . Doctor have very good experience and excellent hand. I got immediately relief in my teeth. Thanks


C. A. (Verified Patient) Nov 27, 2018 5

Very professional & wonderful staff , it is also wonderful to me when your dentist office is open on a Sunday.


C. J. (Verified Patient) Nov 12, 2018 5

Much comfort in procedure pro form Ed,very friendly professional staff. Eased my anxiety.


R. B. (Verified Patient) Oct 19, 2018 5

Office is clean. Has modern equipment Doctor is patient and gentle with his patients


L. B. (Verified Patient) Oct 05, 2018 5

I will highly recommend this clinic.the Doctor and the staff are always ready for you!


W. W. (Verified Patient) Sep 27, 2018 5

The consultation was helpful and the dentist and his assistant were very kind and courteous.


P. O. (Verified Patient) Sep 18, 2018 5

The dental hygienist was very nice, helpful, and accommodating. The doctor explained himself well. The wait was not super long.


A. V. (Verified Patient) Sep 14, 2018 5

Amaising Dental let me feel free I tell what I need for my dental care..and The Dr and everybody was really profesional and friendly.


W. G. (Verified Patient) Sep 13, 2018 5

My appt was 11:30 am, I was seen within 20mins and I was on my way to work in less than an hour 😄😄😄😄


N. C. (Verified Patient) Aug 27, 2018 5

I like the office very much and feel the doctor is somewhat friendly. The friendliest person in the office is the dental assistant, I dont know her name, but I like that she will say hello and smile and ask how I am. I work in customer service every day as a flight attendant and I used to work front desk at a doctors office. It is important to be welcoming and the front desk is not very good in that respect. Theyre not rude at all, but very bland and definitely dont seem happy to see you. My old dentist when I lived in Chicago had a very warm and caring staff and a very thorough dentist and I was hoping to feel similar care in this office. Regardless, the dentist doesnt seem to thoroughly consult. I told him quite a few times I wanted invisalign- i know he has tons of patients and cant remember everyone- however, I mentioned it a few times and said yes I want it so please help me start this process and tell me what I need to do. I have already had an invisalign conssultation years ago and I already know that I need a frenectomy which I mentioned to him twice. He forgot about that and only referred me when I pushed it because I am sorry i do not want to pay over $6k for braces that wont fully work because I didnt get a surgery that I probably need. So i just wish he would take the time to first just look at my mouth and say ok you want braces well this is what you probably need first. Im not a dentist, so i dont know exactly what is necessary and it is his responsibility to inform the patient. If it wasnt for my previous 2 dentists both telling me I need this surgery I would have no idea otherwise. And maybe I am jumping the gun and he plans to fully inform me about it during the actual invisalign photos- but I did not get that impression from him (seeing as i mentioned it twice and he didnt seem to care if i got the surgery or not) at all I am sorry to say.


G. C. (Verified Patient) Jul 23, 2018 5

Vety god


L. B. (Verified Patient) Jul 19, 2018 5

Dr and staff are amazing.very professional I’m happy with the service


T. N. (Verified Patient) Jul 12, 2018 5

From the door to the chair i was very satisfied with the service. The Dr was very knowledgeable and made you feel comfortable about coming back for your next visit.


J. W. (Verified Patient) Jun 29, 2018 5

I love the atmosphere and Dr.Igor treated me with a lot of care


N. A. (Verified Patient) Jun 27, 2018 5

Beautiful and very organized place .Frendly staff and knowledgeable doctor.Next time if I will need dental doctor I will visit just him.


T. C. (Verified Patient) Jun 21, 2018 5

So impressed with how my fillings turned out! Thanks so much Dr. Abayev !


L. L. (Verified Patient) Jun 14, 2018 5

I went in for a second opinion and the Dentist was very helpful and knowledgeable. The staff was helpful and very pleasant. Great experience. I will be recommending this place to my family and friends .


N. W. (Verified Patient) Jun 04, 2018 5

Patience and very helpful professional and informative 😏


J. C. (Verified Patient) Apr 19, 2018 5

Great service and very professional. Thank you.


C. K. (Verified Patient) Apr 18, 2018 5

Every thing was great


J. D. (Verified Patient) Apr 13, 2018 5

i like the work


N. M. (Verified Patient) Apr 13, 2018 5

GREAT dentist. Highly reccomend


G. O. (Verified Patient) Apr 13, 2018 5

I’m very satisfied w/your services! I feel very good, no problems. Thank you! Grazyna.